5 Things to Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a just around the corner and you people might be wondering how to entertain your date. If you haven’t planned for Valentine’s Day yet, you are making a big mistake because sudden plans are often DANGEROUS especially when it’s related to your partner. Here are 5 things you should be doing to impress your date:


1. Plan a Movie!

You just don’t wanna miss out the opportunity to watch romantic movies with your love. It’s your best chance to showcase your taste and to make her mood romantic. A lot of new romantic movies are coming this February which she may like especially “The Choice”. Avoid horror movies because you never know she might leave you immediately. Or you can watch her favorite romantic movie because it’s her day. Don’t forget to buy popcorns. Movie is just incomplete without the sweetness of caramel popcorns and salted-heated-popped up scrumptious corns.

Young couple watching movie in a movie theatre

2. Have a Romantic Dinner

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without the romantic candle light dinner at her favorite place. A glass of wine, a deliciously spicy dish and a summing it up with sweet dish overloaded with lovely and pleasant atmosphere is exactly what needed to make that night memorable. Order the special and her favorite dish and don’t forget that dish or you will be responsible for the consequences. Oh and don’t forget to share coffee with her in a single cup. Share Happiness. Well that was a mouthwatering description.


3. Grab a Special Gift…but what?

Gift! Yes, a Valentine’s present is a necessary thing. Gift your Valentine the best thing she could think of. Let it be an expensive but affordable one. Don’t waste money on her until you’re sure that she will always be with you. That was a free advice. Anyways, a diamond ring, Chocolate pack, a deodorant or a rose bouquet is an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Choose wisely!


4. Dance Party Scene!

Oh yeah! Why not plan a dance party at some place. Some romantic couple dance or a disco scene would be perfect. Make your Valentine feel special. Hold her hands, wrap her in your arms, lift her, kiss her and just go on. Make it a memorable night. And don’t forget to take a dance party selfie. Capture these unforgettable moments. Have a crazy night peeps.


5. Have a Romantic Talk

Just leave rest of the world aside, just you and her. Share your feelings, your dreams and everything with her. Let her to be open with you. Have a romantic conversation; discuss future plans, sex life. Don’t hesitate to ask anything and tell her everything she wants to know. You can ease yourself with such conversation. This is your best chance to get know about her and get closer to her.

Young happy couple having romantic date at restaurant - drinking wine and eating gourmet food

That’s all folks!

In short, follow these instructions and make it an unforgettable day. Enjoy lovers, because it’s your day for others it’s just another Sunday. Best of Luck!