Harry Potter Script Play is set to be released!

There is big news for all those Harry Potter series lovers. Another book from our beloved J.K Rowling is going to be available on 31st July. You can come out of the dull Muggle world and get excited for this new book. It was already announced 8 months back that “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a play about the life of Harry’s youngest son will be hitting in 2016. Well, finally fans are going to get what they wanted.

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Harry Potter lovers all over the world were anxiously waiting for the play. But at the same time, they demanded the work to be distributed. Their concerns were valid; the 8th story after 19 years should never be forgotten. And if things end with a simple play, it could’ve been the case. But guess what, all your wishes have been answered! The script of the play is going to be published!

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A publishing group named Little, Brown Book Group is willing to publish the play in book form and it will be released n 31st July this year! And this date is quite special; it is the birthday of both, the queen of the wizard world, J.K Rowling and Harry Potter himself.

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The people are delighted! And why wouldn’t they? They can continue to sit in the corner with their book and be obsessed with the Harry Potter series. The fandoms are going to come back to life and the love for Harry Potter will roar again. This really is good news for all those fans that obviously couldn’t travel all the way to London to watch the play. Now they don’t have to feel left out and wait for the sequel to be released.

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We all love magic and this script is certainly going to revive it. Get ready to join Harry, Ron and Hermione on the next stage of their thrilling journey. We hope that the book is better than our anticipation and the play doesn’t disappoint the views. 31st July, only if you could come a little early!