Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat is Breaking the Internet

The Kardashians are known for their social media activity. And this time, their fans were not disappointed over the recent snapchat story. Kylie Jenner released a snapchat story on Monday, leaving thousands of followers hungry for more. Well, she definitely filled up her boots. This particular snapchat story ends with a twist! If you still haven’t watched it, go ahead. You’ll see why everyone is rooting for Kylie’s snapchat to get an Oscar. Forget Leo, we want Kylie to win!



It Opens will Kylie setting up the whole plot with a simple question, “What? You like him now?” She seems pretty annoyed with all the drama and we’re soon going to know why. She is busy getting ready, when her phone rings and she answers to Kourtney Kardashian. Yes! The snapchat story stars her sister Kourtney too. But that’s not it.



If you’ve seen the previous snapchat by Kylie, you’ll know all the hype about Harry. Apparently, the Kardashians are a big fan of Harry. Kourtney lies to Kylie and tells her that she’s just staying in the same hotel as Harry and doesn’t “like” him.



We soon find out how true her claim was. We see Kourtney running down to the hall to Harry’s room. She’s shrieking with excitement and really looking forward to meet Kylie’s friend.



As Harry opens the door, Kourtney welcomes him with a flirty “hey Harry.” Her winks are quite clear about her intentions. Harry too seems happy to see her but we can clearly sense that there is a bit of tension. Kourtney carries on, getting to the point. She tells him that she knows that he has been hanging out with her sisters, and she knows why. To get to her, obviously! She maybe didn’t think that her intentions were clear enough, so she abruptly asks, “you’re over 18, right?”



Harry is thrilled with where it is all going, but tells Kourtney that it’s a “bad time”. He tells her to back within an hour but too bad for Harry, because that doesn’t happen.



Kourtney enters the room anyway, making her way to his bedroom while Harry helplessly trying to stop her. The second last shot ends with Kourtney in a shock. It ends with a loud “WHAT?!” Leaving us all curious.



And look who’s here in Harry’s bed. Kourtney’s own father, Caitlyn Jenner, 66, all wrapped up in sheets sipping white wine. Caitlyn smiles seductively, “Hey Kourtney.” And the shot ends with him winking at the camera.