Amazing Realistic Paintings that’ll leave you in Awe

Painting is one of the most popular and loved form of art. Artists express their feelings, emotions and ideas with strokes of colors, making beautiful masterpieces. These paintings are so realistic that it seems like they’re high quality photographs. Take a look at these wonderful creations.


1. The artist perfectly captured the young generation busy on their phones, realistically. Giving out an important message.


2. An amazing representation of a thought, a new idea. This painting is not only symbolic but looks amazingly realistic.


3. The beauty of a sleeping child. It could not have been painted better.


4. This scene is mesmerizing. It seems like the deer is going to come to life any moment.


5. This painting in no way seems like a painting. It shows the skill of the artist and the details he captured.


6. Child’s eyes and her innocence are not compromised in this painting.


7. An amazing portrait of Emma Watson; the artist perfectly captured her beauty. None of it was lost during the process of painting.