Top 5 Funny Trending Pictures for Today

Fun and humor is encountered almost anywhere in our lives. From the television screens to the work place. It is humor and laughter that keeps the day shinning even when the rains are here with us. In this piece of article, we will look at some of the funny pictures that have of all the time put a smile on our faces.



For a cat that wears glasses the size and shape of both harry Potter and John Lennon, the elder group will have a picture of John Lennon in their mind when they see this picture and the younger generation will see it as Harry potter. This is so simply because it is what we are familiar with.




This dog looks like it has just seen a ghost of itself. Ever been in a situation that has you thinking of the consequence that will happen when found guilty? Probably this dog was messing around in a different territory until it created that anticipated attention.





Hahaha we can laugh all day when we look at this picture once again. Cats will always be a hilarious character in our lives. Now how did this cat get to sleep like this? We are left to wonder if it will suffocate or not.




Almost everyone has found themselves in a situation like this before. Caught red handed but still denying even with the evidence all pointing at you. For this dog, it found the lipstick too sweet to leave it lying aimlessly on the bedroom floor.




When found guilty, often will we try to make the situation a bit less serious. We will try to relate a bad action to a good one to reduce the penalty expected. This dog makes it look like it was only doing the good deed but only out of ignorance.