Which Movies Will Break The Box Office This Year? Our Take!

We often find ourselves watching lots of movies during our free time. Some will love the horror genres while others will love the action types. Movies have always been produced since the invention of the camera and electricity. We are about to look at some of the most anticipated movies of 2016 a must watch.

1- Suicide Squad


Suicide squad is an action film set to be released on the first week of august 2016 and it has been anticipated by many of the movie lovers out there. Having will smith to star in it just makes it more interesting to wait.

2- Star Wars


Star wars Rogue one. Though a franchise of the star was movie, it has over the time risen to be among the many movies which have got millions of fans. Set to be released on the second week of December, it seems like eternity until that day reaches but it is among the must see movies in everyone’s list.

3- Captain America


Captain America Civil war. With Captain America familiar even to the young minds in our society, the character has been widely discussed in our homes over the years when he first started to appear in comics and cartoons. This movie will absolutely be a hit once it has been released in big screens around. Set to be release on the first week of May 2016, we cannot wait to see it in 3Dimension.

4- The Jason Bourne


The Jason Bourne franchise has received positive reviews ever since it first appeared in the movie charts. Set to be released on the 29th of July 2016, fans all over the world cannot wait to see what happened after the previous episode.

5- Batman Vs Superman


Superman and Batman are at times considered real. Having been familiar with them even before our fathers were born, the two have been superheroes with every child appreciating their style of living. Trying to imitate their every move whether at school or at home. This movie is set to be released on the 25th day of March 2016.