Most Embarrassing Celebrity Tripping Over

1- Jennifer Lawrance


Jennifer Lawrence trips at the steps while climbing upstage on receiving the Oscar award in 2013.

2- She…Again!


The very next year in 2014, she again tripped at an orange cone at the red carpet of the Academy Awards. And the host Ellen DeGeneres funnily said that if she wins the Oscar on that night, they will be bringing it to her at her seat thus saving her perhaps from another embarrassing trip!

3- Madonna


Madonna tumbled backwards a set of steps when one of the dancers yanked the cape she was wearing by mistake.

4- Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga trips at the airport in her high shoes.

5- Katy Perry


Katy Perry landed on a cake and kept tripping while she made attempts to stand up until she crawled out of the stage.

6- Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum trips on stage but later took it as a light moment.