The Curviest Sports Illustrated Model

Models are often characterized by their slim body figure and ‘0’ size. These standards have really forced our society towards fat shaming. Even curvy women, who are perfectly fit, are called fat. But beauty comes in all sizes and all shapes and this curviest sports illustrated model, Ashley Graham proves that!

1. Ashley Graham is certainly one of the hottest models out there.

2. She has already accomplished so much at a young age of 28.


3. She has walked on runways and is a part of SwimSuitForAll campaign.


4. More than that, she defied all stereotypes and proved that you don’t have to fulfill the definition of “perfect” by the society.


5. She even gave an inspiring talk at Ted, explaining the importance of loving and accepting your body.


6. And now she’s the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She called it a dream come true. It is true, you just can’t ignore the curves!