Another Albert Einstein Prediction turns out to be true

Albert Einstein is known for his groundbreaking theories and work that changed the face of physics. His well-known theory of relativity brought a new perspective to science; changing scientists’ views about mass, time, space, energy and gravity.

The man has not stopped amazing us all; science has proven another one of his last theories.

1. He predicted the bending of light due to gravity. The phenomenon is called Gravitational Lensing and modern science has proved that Einstein was right.


2. Einstein predicted that there were gravitational waves present in our universe. Now these waves had not been detected at all. Scientists claimed that the genius could have been wrong over this.


3. Gravitational waves are said to be produced when a huge mass of energy moves through the universe. And since these waves are two small to detect, the theory wasn’t proved right.


4. And now Einstein has been proved right, and this is a big deal since it can help us understand the mysterious black holes much easily and deeply.


5. Besides that, Einstein’s theory might even help us understand how our universe was created. Pretty cool, huh?


6. Oh the wonders of this universe!