J.K Rowling has a special message For All Gryffindors

J.K Rowling is known for her thoughtful tweets and amazing responses to her fans. As much as she is brilliant and talented, she is incredibly lovely. Unlike the typical uptight celebrities, she answers her fans’ questions and helps them with her words. And just like that, she responded to someone in depression in the best way possible.

1. She addressed to all those fighting depression with her beautiful message.

2. Soon, another fan approached her with anxiety issues. Asking if she was still a Gryffindor despite her anxiety.


3. And Rowling responded with a message as wise as Dumbledore’s words.


4. And soon because of her #GryffindorStrong tag, people all over the world started responding, telling their stories.


5. The trend continued to catch on and so did the support. Things a single tweet from the queen can do.


6. And Potterheads, don’t ever let your illness or feelings define you. Always remember Dumbledore’s advice and words.