Witness Spongebob in Full Length Pants!

Have you ever wondered what spongebob would look like with full pants? He is known for his pants but he really has never been someone who likes full length pants. We’ve seen him in a lot of bottoms but never anything that coves his stripped socks. Well, the wait is over! Take a look at spongebob featuring long pants!

1. He’s always been a shorts kind of a guy.

2. What can we say? He’s an adventurous guy, probably never liked those constraining pants.


3. He has even rip his shorts, but never thought of wearing proper pants.


4. We’ve even seen him in his underwear!


5. But wait for it; you haven’t seen him like this ever! Wow.


6. Those really are full length pants!


7. And they look fantastic, everyone is already noticing them.

Check out Spongebob and his pants with all his glory on Nickelodeon.