Ivory Soap In The Microwave: Crazy Science Experiments For Kids and Adults

Safe To Try at Home – even for kids. (WARNING! Will make your soap all weird for home use).

Did you like science class in school? What part of class was your favorite part? The lecture or the experiments. Well the average poll says what engages most students in science is the hands on lab. Today you do not need a lecture and you can go straight to experimenting.

This lab requires:

  • Bar of Soap (any brand would do)
  • Microwave (any brand would do)
  • A plate

After you get these items ready, put the soap on top of the plate and put the plate in the microwave. Turn the timer to the desired time (like 3 minutes) and watch what happens to the soap. When the microwave finishes, take the plate out and feel the soap.

Conduct your analysis of what a microwave does to soap feel free to comment your findings.

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