DIY Craft Your Own Fun Easter Egg

With Easter just around the corner many may be pondering the meaning behind Easter in regards to Jesus Christ and others may be pondering, well, Easter eggs.

When I was growing up I thought of Easter was the time when some fat bunny went around my house laying eggs filled with chocolate. I was curious as a kid how the chocolate didn’t melt from the Easter bunny. However when I was older I understood that this fictional bunny couldn’t possibly lay eggs filled with chocolate. Someone had to put the chocolate in the egg.

As a fun activity for parents and kids, I found a neat Easter craft project that uses household fabric like from ties or old shirts to decorate those eggs in the fridge that haven’t been touched for a while.


DIY Easter EggsHappy almost Easter everyone 🙂

Posted by SALT Project on Friday, March 11, 2016

I showed this to my wife and now we are interested in taking one of my old ties and decorating some eggs ourselves. Once we do this, I might upload a picture of how our eggs turned out.

Would you like to try this? If so, post a picture of your egg.