My Dog is So Fat He Needs A Treadmill

For all you pet lovers, is your dog putting on some weight?

Unfortunately when a dog is overweight that means you have to feed them less and also get them to work out. It could be as simple as playing with a toy.

However some dog owners have found an even more interesting way to work out their dogs. Some owners would walk with their dog on the treadmill. Others have manage to get their dog by themselves to walk or jump on the treadmill. Yes you need to take baby steps to possibly get your dog to even do the treadmill.

Even if your dog is not overweight, having your dog play on the treadmill might be the best thing for them. Pets need to stay active as much as possible or they would be laying around all day doing nothing and putting on weight.

If you have a treadmill, try to get your dog interested in it and if your successful, join the rest of pet owners that have gotten their pets to use the treadmill. Share your comments and/or videos about this.

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