What do Pets Love to Eat?

So according to this video dogs are able to eat tuna, pasta, fruit salad, salt free snacks, and yogurt.

I had two jack russel terriers when I was a kid. I don’t recall them eating tuna, pasta, or yogurt. However they loved fruit. They would eat the strawberries in the garden and would eat grapes that we would give to them. They also loved their veggies as they would eat carrots and celery (which was funny to watch as they would peel the celery). They also ate the jalapenos in the garden which, are supposed to be warm, so I wondered as a kid how they coped with a warm mouth.

When it came to meat, they seemed to not care. We fed them ham, turkey, beef ribs, pork ribs, and chicken. They especially loved to chew on a rib bone outside in the backyard and would sometimes drop it in the pool (and annoying I was the one that had to fish it out of the pool).

What kind of food does your dog or cat eat?

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