Incredible Cave Dwellings in China

When I was in Boy Scouts through my church as a kid, we would periodically go camping. Now I live in a major city so we would take these long trips out of the city into the middle of no where. Once we found some camping ground, we would setup our tents and get ready for our activities.

One time when we went camping, we went off exploring. Now typically natural cave dwellings are found near sources of water. We were in fact walking around a lake and we found a small little cave. It was kind of a tight fit but once we got inside it could fit 3 people. One thing we noticed right away was the cool breeze coming through the cracks from the lake.

Now the one thing I never considered is what it would be like to actually live in a cave. This video I found shows me that some people actually explored the idea of living in caves in China. So the idea is plausible