Scary Photos That Will Haunt You

If you’re a big fan of all things horror, this post is for you. If not, better step away because you’re about to witness a series of scary photos that are guaranteed to haunt your days and nights for many months to come. Some of these have been revealed as true, others are still a mystery. Either way, they are creepy and unforgettable.

Photo of the Jonestown mass suicide.

jonestown suicide, scary photos


The aerial view of the Jonestown mass suicide has been making the rounds on the internet for years, leaving users feeling uneasy. If there’s a sight that’s bound to reappear in your darkest moments, it’s this one. Scary? Yes. Sad? Yes.

The photo of Ed Gein’s real human skin gloves.

edd gein gloves, scary photos

Source: Reddit

And if you think this photo is horrifying, picture this: when searching Gein’s house, the authorities also found bowls made from human skulls, human leg skin leggings, a lampshade made from human face skin, and that’s just to name a few. Imagine that collection of scary photos!

Photo of a dark spirit on top of a dying patient.

demon, dark spirit, scary photos

Source: ViralNova

Looking like something straight from a horror film, this photo of something resembling a demon standing on top of a dying patient is giving Internet users one big chill.

Creepy abandoned house photo.

abandoned house, scary photos

Source: eBaum’s World

While some say this must be a movie set that hasn’t been properly cleaned after filming, there’s no denying that the photo of the abandoned house with blood-splattered walls, a pentagram on the floor and a bloody bathtub, is extremely scary.

Bigfin squid creepy photo.

bigfin squid

Source: Reddit

As if some people weren’t terrified of the deep ocean as it was.

Creepy vintage photos deserve a special place in this collection.

vintage clowns, scary photos

Source: Team Jimmy Joe

What’s creepier than clowns? Vintage clowns.

scary ritual photo

Source: Team Jimmy Joe

Vintage-looking photo of five women wearing masks and performing some kind of ritual over two dead-bodies makes one scary sight.

Which of these scary photos will be haunting your dreams?