Weird Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Mother Nature sure loves to surprise us. Obviously, the animal kingdom is no exception. That being said, prepare to be surprised, or even shocked, by a collection of weird animals you probably had no idea existed. You’ll get to be amazed by their unique appearance, but also learn where to find, or avoid them, depending on your preferences.

Get ready ’cause this is not your usual weird animals post featuring sloths and tapirs!

pink fairy armadillo

Source: Reddit

The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest and for sure the cutest species of armadillo. It lives in central Argentina in dry grasslands and sandy plains. This little fellow (90-115 mm) has the ability to bury itself completely in just a few seconds if scared.

aye aye, weird animals


Now this little guy might scare the living out of you or you might find him very cute. Some people do. The Aye-aye is native to Madagascar and is the world’s largest nocturnal primate. Aside from his appearance, what’s unique about him is the method of finding food: by tapping on trees to find grubs, then gnawing holes and pulling the food out with its signature long middle finger.

yeti crab, weird animals

Source: Marine Science Today

You all know and love crabs, right? But how about the Yeti Crab? This hairy fellow was discovered in 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean.

Japanese Spider Crab, weird animals

Source: Kids Discover

Speaking of crabs, check out this bad boy. The Japanese Spider Crab is the world’s largest known arthropod and it can live up to 100 years.  You can meet this leggy guy in the deep of the Pacific Ocean near Japan.

superb bird of paradise, weird animals

Weird is synonym to beautiful here, as the name tells us. The Superb Bird-of-Paradise belongs to the bird-of-paradise family and it can be encountered in the New Guinea Forests.

red panda, weird animals


You’ve all heard about and seen a panda bear. But how about the Red Panda? Also known as the red cat-bear (for obvious reasons), this cute fellow is native to eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. Due to the continual decline of its population (estimated at 10,000 mature individuals), the red panda species has been classified as endangered.

star nosed mole, weird animals

Source: AnimalSpot

The Star-Nosed-Mole can be found in the East of Canada and the north-eastern U.S. You can recognize it thanks to the circle of 22 mobile, pink and fleshy tentacles that appear at the end of its snout. Perfect fit in the weird animals category, don’t you think?

maned wolf, weird animals

Source: Imgur

Is it a wolf? Is it a fox? It’s a maned wolf! This is the larges canid of South America. It can be encountered in Brazil, in grasslands with scattered bushes and trees.

frilled neck lizard, weird animals

Source: BBC

The Frilled Lizard, also known as frill-neck lizard and dragon lizard, lives mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. As for its name, it’s pretty obvious where it gets it from.

pygmy marmoset, weird animals

Source: Pinterest

As its name hints, the Pygmy Marmoset is one of the smallest primates. Although hard to observe because of its small stature, rapid movements, and appearance, the pygmy marmoset can be encountered in western Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador and eastern Peru.

Do you know other weird animals? Have you ever encountered one?