Celebrities Aged Terribly

Then they were hotties, right now they are just celebrities aged terribly! Whether it was time, a hectic life or really bad plastic surgery, something went very wrong with these stars’ looks over the years.

Check out the before and after photos of some of Hollywood’s former beauties and hunks and prepare to be amazed by how different they look!

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace, celebrities aged terribly

Source: HaHaFunFacts

The famous designer is the perfect example of plastic surgery gone terribly wrong. Nowadays Donatella looks nothing like her younger self.

Macaulay Culkin 

macaulay culkin, celebrities who have aged terribly

Source: Youtube

To say Macaulay Culkin looks rough would be an understatement. What happened to the ‘Home Alone’ cutie? Photos of the 35 years-old actor looking frail have left fans worrying for his health and well-being last year. Luckily, Macaulay seems to be looking much better these days.

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan, celebrities aged terribly

Source: Daily News

From ‘Most Beautiful Celebrities’ to ‘Celebrities Aged Terribly’ in just a couple of years. That seems to be the case with Lindsay Lohan. All those years of hard partying, drinking and alleged drug use seem to have ruined more than LiLo’s career.

Mickey Rourke

mickey rourke, celebrities aged terribly

Source: Bossip

Remember that time when Mickey Rourke had every woman swooning over him? That was before he became a victim of really bad plastic surgery.

Brigitte Bardot

brigitte bardot, celebrities aged terribly

Source: Caliser

Time has not been a friend to former beauty queen Brigitte Bardot. The French actress looks nothing like in her bombshell days. A not-so-friendly reminder that old age happens and it’s not always kind.

Ozzy Osbourne

ozzy osbourne, celebrities aged terribly

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Drugs, sex and rock’n roll doesn’t sound all that glamorous now that you see the toll this lifestyle took on former heartthrob Ozzy Osbourne.

Daryl Hannah

daryl hannah

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Remember that time when Daryl Hannah played the out-of-this-world beautiful mermaid in ‘Splash’? Well, thanks to plastic surgery-gone-wrong, and maybe the ruthless effects of ageing, the actress is now featured in every ‘celebrities who have aged badly’ list.

Keith Richards

keith richards

Source: TimeToBreak

If you needed further proof that drugs and alcohol mess up your looks terribly, here’s a then and now of Keith Richards.

Janice Dickinson

janice dickinson, celebrities aged terribly

Source: Pinterest

Why Janice? Why? Seriously, can someone explain why this former supermodel and absolutely gorgeous woman felt the need to get all that plastic surgery? We’ll never know how Dickinson would have aged if she hadn’t messed with her looks, but surely it wouldn’t have been this bad.

Billy Idol

billy idol

Source: Izismile

Time took its toll on the ‘White Wedding’ rocker. Billy Idol looks like a far cry from his glory days.

Are you shocked by how these celebrities have aged? Do you know other celebrities aged terribly?