Kim Kardashian Accidentally Tags Teenager In Her Photos

Many of Kim Kardashian’s fans dream of making it in her famous selfies that she posts on Twitter and Instagram, but one 17-years-old from Adana, Turkey, actually made it. Sort of.

Mert Alas, a teenager from Turkey, keeps being tagged by Kim in her photos. Accidentally! You see, the teenager has never met Kim nor did they take any selfies together. So how come that he’s tagged in several of Kardashian’s photos? Keep on reading.

Meet Mert Alas, the 45-years-old photographer, also from Turkey, but working in the U.S. He is a famous fashion photographer and friend to the stars, including the Keeping Up starlet. And he does get to hang out with Kim and take selfies that she posts on her profiles. The thing is that she keeps on accidentally tagging the other Mert Alas.

Here’s teenager Mert, whose Twitter handle is @mertalas.

Mert Alas, kim kardashian

Source: Mert Alas Twitter

And here’s photographer Mert Alas, Kim’s friend, whose Insta handle is @mertalas. So you see why it’s petty easy to mistake one for another.

mert alas photographer

Source: Mert Alas Instagram

And these are the photos in which Kim appears with the photographer, but keeps on tagging the teenager.

kim and mert alas

kim and mert alas

kim and mert alas

Sources: Kim Kardashian’s Twitter and Instagram

The teenager has reached out to Kim on multiple occasions, to let her know that she’s tagging the wrong Mert Alas, but with no success.

He started by tweeting to her “I love you baby” and “You’re going to get me in trouble with your husband”, and after seeing that she still continued to tag him and ignore his tweets, he ended up by thanking her because the accidental tag brought him hundreds of followers and has made him a celebrity.

Young Mert’s luck does not end with Kim. Miley Cyrus is also accidentally tagging him in her photos with the famous photographer.

Obviously, the 17-years-old said he doesn’t mind since the confusion has brought him nothing but more followers and got everyone talking about him.