Man Saves Baby Horse Stuck On Bridge As Mama Looks On

baby horse, bridgeHeroes do exist and they walk among us. As proof we have this heart-warming story of a man saving a baby horse who was stuck on a bridge in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. To make things even more endearing, the mama horse was there to look over the entire rescue operation.

The video, now viral, starts with a glimpse of a place that looks pretty much abandoned and you can see a beautiful brown horse standing on a bridge. If you look closely enough, you will see that the mare is looking down at something on the bridge. That’s when the Good Samaritan starts moving towards the horse and viewers will get a glimpse of what was making the mama horse so distressed: her foal was stuck in a very bad position between the bridge’s wooden slats. It was obvious that the mama horse could do nothing to help her baby. That’s when the man intervened and saved the day.

He slowly approached the mama and her beautiful foal, set aside the camera, and worked his magic. He pulled out the baby horse from the bridge slats while his mother stepped aside to allow him to help them. You can tell that she was more than grateful to have help from this wonderful stranger.

The man gently and safely rescued the foal and carried him to safety. The video ends with the brown and white foal and his mom, both safe now, walking away.

Check out this amazing video of how the man saves baby horse while mother horse looks on!

What do you think of this man’s actions? Would you have done the same and tried to rescue the baby horse?