Teen Shuts Down Aunt Marie’s Homophobic Comments

Aunt Marie is trending and you have no idea why? Well, get ready to behold the most brutal take-down of a person who has made homophobic comments.

Charlie is a 18-years-old teenager from the U.K. She is bisexual, a thing that her family is aware of. Over the weekend, Charlie and her aunt, Marie, got into a very heated argument which resulted in the aunt sending her niece a very anti-gay message to which the teen gave a brutal reply.

“I got into a fight w my auntie and she said “at least I don’t have to worry about my kid being a f*ggot like your mum does””, Charlie tweeted. The aunt then offered some sort of apology, only to make things worse. “I did not mean faggot in a bad way, I just mean you gay people have a lot of drama.” And that’s when things went downhill because, let’s be honest, Aunt Marie was asking for it.

aunt marie

Charlie posted screenshots of her and her aunt’s message exchange and it’s epic.

That’s when the teen lost it and gave her aunt the most brutal burn of her life. Seriously. Check it out.

Don’t you wish you were next to Marie when she received that text?

Gearing up for the whole family to not take her message lightly, Charlie tweeted: “I am going to be torn to shreds by my entire family but it was so worth it I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good.”

She was right because her mom texted her immediately and this is what she had to say.

aunt marie

Her dad however, felt differently.

Guess dad isn’t a fan of Aunt Marie’s either.

Twitter quickly picked up the story and most of the users are standing by Charlie. So much so that she now has over 25K followers.

Of course, by now there’s also a parody account dedicated to Charlie’s aunt.

Twitter is having a field day with this one. #auntmarie is trending big time.

What do you think of Charlie’s response to her aunt’s anti-gay message?