The First Photos from Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot Are Here

The highly-anticipated ‘Gilmore Girls‘ reboot on Netflix is set to premiere sometime before Christmas (please make it fall or early winter) and the first photos from the set have been released!

With the action being set in Stars Hollow of course, fans will get to enjoy four 90-minutes episodes featuring all their beloved characters, minus Ed Herrmann, who sadly passed away.

Check out the first photos from Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot, courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Netflix.

gilmore girls, reboot, photos

Oh, those town hall meetings! And who do we spot seated next to each other? That’s right, it’s Luke, played by Scott Patterson, and Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham. Which prompts the question: are they still together? Well, the answer lays in the next photo:

gilmore girls, luke, lorelai

YES! Luke and Lorelai are still together! Nine years later and they’re walking together holding hands.

gilmore girls, lorelai, rory

Speaking of relationship goals, here’s the first photo of Lorelai and Rory, played by Alexis Blendel. The mother-daughter duo were famous for their late-night chats. Cannot wait to find out what Rory is sharing here.

gilmore girls, grandma

Here’s grandma! Emily Gilmore, played by Kelly Bishop, appears to still be a part of Rory and Lorelai’s life.

gilmore girls, rory, grandma

Do you think they still do those dinners?

gilmore girls, rory

Here’s the photo that got every ‘Gilmore Girls’ fan questioning what happened to Rory’s dream of becoming a journalist. The photo shows Rory in front of the classroom, discussing ‘Jane Eyre‘. Is Rory a teacher? Is she a journalist/teacher?

gilmore girls, reboot

Stars Hollow: The Musical auditions. Now this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

The filming is reportedly going to be wrapped sometime in May so let’s hope we get an early release of what’s probably the most anticipated four episodes ever.

Are you excited for Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot? What do you think of the photos?