Matador Gored In Buttocks By Angry Bull

matador gored in buttocks

Source: Telegraph

A video of 19-years-old matador gored in buttocks by a raging bull has gone viral and has everyone watching and commenting. Andres Rey Roca took on the bull in Seville, Spain on Saturday and the fight could have ended extremely bad for him.

The Peruvian matador was impaled through the bottom by the 1,176 lb bull he was fighting. As the bull’s left horn appeared to slash through Roca’s buttocks, the crowd went crazy and everyone feared for the matador’s life. The 19-years-old was screaming in agony and fighting to escape. Luckily, the matador was able to set himself free and walk away with only minor injuries.

The video of the young matador gored in buttocks by the very angry bull is currently making rounds on the Internet and is available for everyone to watch. WARNING! The video contains graphic images and can emotionally affect viewers. Watch on your own risk.


According to reports, the bull’s horn only grazed Roca’s thigh, avoiding delicate areas. The blood on the matador’s pants is said to belong to the bull as it is known that bulls are stabbed in the back and shoulders before entering the ring in order to anger them. Also, the stabbing will weaken them and make them an easier target for the matadors.

While the crowd was happy to see the matador make it alive from the bull’s horns, animal rights’ activists are speaking against animal cruelty. Ricky Gervais posted the graphic video on his Facebook page and wrote “Arsehole gets new arsehole”.

This is not the first time the Peruvian matador had a near death experience following a very dangerous encounter with a bull. In November 2015 he lost two teeth after a bull impaled a horn thorough his mouth.

Roca is expected to enter the ring again on Tuesday, April 12.