Guy’s Ancestor Looks Exactly Like Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, look-a-like, ancestor

Source: imgur

Matthew McConaughey! That’s what you probably think when looking at the above photo of a man wearing a dapper suit and rocking a mustache. McConaughey, probably in a vintage-looking photo from the set of one of his upcoming movies.

Wrong! The man in the photo is not the actor, but someone’s ancestor, and that ancestor happens to look exactly like McConaughey.

Sanders Parker, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, posted the now-viral photo on Reddit, about three days ago. He wrote: “My great great grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey”. Sanders, you are spot on. Your ancestor looks exactly like the hunky superstar. They’re identical!

The photo has gathered over 1 million views and has made it on every news site. The reasons are obvious.

Parker told ABC news that it was his sister who pointed out the similarity. He also insists that the photo is real, no Photoshop involved.

“I know it’s hard to believe in the Photoshop age that this isn’t altered, but it really is straight up original”, he stated.

Wondering what McConaughey would think about the incredible resemblance? He’d probably go:

matthew mcconaughey