Baker Creates Soda Cake, Looks So Real & It’s Edible!

soda cake

Source: @bakedbyandres Instagram

Yes, those are edible soda cakes! Minus the wrapper, you could eat them in their entirety! Now, how awesome is that? Seriously. Soda cake!

A very talented baker, that goes by @bakedbyandres on Instagram, has gotten all cake lovers in a frenzy after showing off these amazing soda cakes: a Sprite bottle cake, and an equally awesome Coca-Cola bottle cake. Wanna see what’s inside? Check out this awesome video!

As if the way they looked wasn’t mouth-watering enough, Andres revealed that the Sprite bottle cake has a filing of matcha, while the Coke cake is all Nutella goodness. Here are some cross-sections of each soda cake, for your viewing pleasure.

Warning! These photos will make you crave cake and Nutella. Badly.

And how about a Coca-Cola Zero cake? You know, if you’re on a diet. Only it’s fully filled with Nutella.

Baking is quite the art and here we’ve seen some masterpieces.

Safe to say, Andres has created the perfect soda cake collection. If you love cake and soda, whether it’s Coke, Sprite or Coca-Cola Zero, there’s a cake for you.

What do you think of the awesome soda cakes? Which one’s your favorite?