Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss Disappoints Big Time, See Photos

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Source: Twitter

Kylie Jenner is in hot waters after her new line of lip gloss has angered buyers due to very poor quality.

The highly-anticipated #KylieLipGloss Kit is trending yet again but for all the wrong reasons. Fans were super excited to get their hands on the new products and get the infamous ‘Kylie lip‘ look, but once their packages arrived, they were in for some unpleasant surprises.

According to customers, the wands were a complete mess, the gloss was falling out of the bottles, and all-around the experience was a big NO. Biggest criticism came from makeup artist Jeffree Star, who pointed out the flaws of Kylie’s new lip gloss line.

Sharing a photo of the products he received from Kylie Cosmetics, Jefree Star wrote that “the wand is unacceptable”.

Star continued to voice the disappointment:

Fans were quick to join in with their own photos and stories about the poor quality of Kylie’s lip glosses.


Following the backlash, Kylie responded to criticism and promised to improve the product and send new wands to all the unhappy customers. On the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter, the following messages were posted:

Following Kylie’s response, Jeffree Star took to Twitter to address the rumors of a beef with Kylie.

What do you think of the poor quality of Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss line? Would you buy them?