Funny Tweets About Babies

funny tweets, babies

Source: Flickr

Social media is a wonderful place. It’s the place where people brag and/or complain about their kids, announce pregnancies and births, name of their baby, and pretty-much anything baby related. While it’s all cute and nice, at times it becomes annoying. At that time, some people react and they do it in a hilarious way. Check out this collection of funny tweets about babies that will make your day!

1.The tweet about people celebrating their baby’s every single day on this earth. While it certainly is a joy, maybe stop posting about every monthly anniversary.

2. That tweet about naming your baby. You know it’s true! No names of the people we hate.

3. Baby names like Beautiful Sunshine, Rambo, or some fruit will get you funny tweets.

Sometimes you just can’t decide so you plan on having a lot of kids.

4. Some people just can’t deal with a crying baby. So they take their frustration to Twitter.

5. Baby photos! Your friends keep posting them, showing them to you, waiting for you to praise their kid while you’re there all like:

6. The definition of a baby.

7. The sweet perspective of growing up.

8. What are you doing with your life?

9. Babies don’t have it all that easy.

10. This tweet.