This Grandma Is The Best Taylor Swift Lookalike: See Photo!

taylor swift lookalike

Over the years there have been lots of Taylor Swift lookalikes. All of them young, pretty girls who resembled the singer to the point where it was hard to say who’s who. So one might think that yet another Taylor Swift lookalike is not that big of a deal. Well, what if this lookalike was someone’s grandma?

One Imgur user who goes by the name Christmaspencil posted a photograph of her grandma with the caption “When your grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner’s brother“.

Not only is the user’s grandma the perfect Taylor Swift lookalike, but she’s also right about the grandpa. He looks so much like the Playboy founder!

Check out the viral photo below!

taylor swift lookalike

Source: Imgur

Taylor has yet to comment on the image, but there’s a big possibility she will.

The songstress previously confused herself with another doppelganger.  She saw a photo of lookalike named Kasey and reblogged the photo commenting “lol I thought that was me”.

There’s also Olivia Sturgiss, another viral lookalike.

And Alex Hobbs, who also has an amazing voice.

And no one can forget Becky.

taylor swift, becky, taylor swift lookalike

Do you know any other Taylor Swift lookalike?