Lil Kim’s Face Looks Different & Lighter

lil kim's face

Source: Instagram

Lil Kim’s face is getting a lot of attention this week after the rapper posted a series of photos on Instagram in which she appears to look completely different than the last time she made a public appearance. In the new photos, the rapper appears to have lighter skin and overall a completely new face structure. She is also rocking long blonde hair.

Here are the photos that got everyone talking about Lil Kim’s new face:

Lil’ Kim also shared a video where she is sporting the same look.

For comparison, here she is less than a year ago.

Obviously, the photos have created controversy. Following the 41-years-old rapper’s new look debut, fans got into heated debates in the comments section. Some of them blasted Kim for getting more plastic surgery and lighter skin, while other defended her new appearance. Either way, Lil’ Kim’s new look hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Here’s what some of the fans are saying on Twitter:

Lil’ Kim hasn’t addressed the rumors regarding the alleged skin bleach or those stating that she had more plastic surgery.

What do you think of Lil’ Kim’s new look?