Ivanka & Donald Trump Throwback Photo Freaks Everyone Out

ivanka, donald trump throwback photo

Source: Twitter

You know those creepy family photos that go viral and everyone on the Internet is cringing and/or laughing at them? Well, turns out the Trump family is no stranger to that. Above you can see Ivanka and Donald Trump posing lovingly in a father-daughter photo.

The now viral photo is from a Vanity Fair shot that took place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Ivanka was 15 at the time and fans cannot stop cringing when looking at this particular Donald Trump throwback photo. Why? Well, a lot of people online were disturbed by this photo where a young Ivanka sits on her father’s lap, cupping his chin and looking at him in a way that some are saying it’s not very daughter-like. Also, there’s that weird statue of parrots there.

Check out some fans reactions to the Ivanka and Donald Trump throwback photo!


The reactions are understandable, especially after Trump’s statement on The View, when he said that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, he would date her. As if that wasn’t a creepy and weird statement coming from a father, he also said during an appearance on The Daily Show, that Ivanka is ‘really something and a beauty‘ and went as far as to hint that ‘If i weren’t happily married, and ya know, her father…‘. So wrong.


What do you think of the Ivanka and Donald Trump throwback photo that has everyone freaked out?