This Video of A Wolf Spider & Its Babies Will Creep You Out

wolf spider

Are you afraid of spiders? If the answer is yes, this post is not for you. Although if you made it past that photo, you might handle what’s about to come too. A giant wolf spider and its babies, that is.

The wolf spider is a member of the family Lycosidae, with Lycos meaning wolf. They are excellent hunters, have great eyesight, and they carry their egg sacks attached to their spinnerets. They are venomous and their bites can cause pain, swelling and itching. The wounds inflicted by them can take between a few moments to days to heal. Which is why you should avoid them and not do what the guys in the next video did when they spotted the giant arachnid. Instead of stepping away, they left what they were doing and proceeded to film the scary spider.

As they filmed the spider, the men also noticed that the not-so-little fellow wasn’t traveling alone. In fact, it carried its babies on its back. If there was ever a creepy sight to see, that was it.

Check out the video of the wolf spider and its babies bellow, but be warned, it’s not a pretty sight!


Safe to say, this video will be giving many of its viewers nightmares.