Chris Hemsworth Gives Surprise Massage to Secretary

chris hemsworth, ellen

Source: Youtube

Chris Hemsworth made an appearance on The Ellen Show to promote his role as a secretary in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

Since he plays a secretary, Chris decided to team up with Ellen DeGeneres to mark the Administrative Professionals Day, on Wednesday, April 27th. So how did they mark the occasion? By having Chris surprise a secretary with a relaxing back massage! Now that’s how you do an impromptu celebration. Thor and a surprise massage.

“Since Chris Hemsworth plays an administrative professional in the new Ghostbusters movie, I invited him to go surprise some people who work hard — very, very hard — every day”, Ellen told her audience before she and the handsome actor surprised the employees at Warner Bros.

Check out the video of Chris Hemsworth giving one lucky lady a massage!


Of course, Ellen made it a bit awkward too. Still funny.

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