Dad Won’t Let Daughter Have Boyfriend: Watch Cute Video

cute video, john tierney and grace

Source: Twitter

Cute video of the day and possibly of the week is courtesy of John Tierney, a dad who filmed himself and his little girl, Grace, while discussing the possibility of her having a boyfriend. Idea to which John responded in a very funny manner.

John, who proudly describes himself as “Daddy to Grace. The centre of my universe. Proud resident of Blantyre and collector of Adidas Originals trainers“, posted the cute video on his Twitter and it became viral in a couple of days.

Sharing the video under the caption “Had a heated discussion with Grace today over boyfriends. #BlantyreParenting101“, John got the Internet in a frenzy.

Check out the cute father-daughter chat!

Here are some of the reactions John and Grace’s video got:

While most of the viewers found the video funny and adorable, there were some who accused this dad for being exploitative and filming the video for fame. John had a very prompt response to those who criticized his video with Grace.

The cute video also appears to have created a new movement and popular hashtag, Dads Against Daughters Dating aka #DADD.

What do you think of John and Grace’s boyfriend talk?