Teen Shares Photos Of Her Little Sister Attacked By Goose, It’s Hilarious

girl attacked by goose

Source: Stevie Gidden Instagram

Meet Stevie Gidden and her 5 years-old sister, Summer. Stevie and Summer are quite the celebrities at the moment thanks to two photos that the teen shared on social media.

The 17 year-old had everyone both laughing at and feeling sorry for her baby sister after she posted a set of photos featuring little Summer being attacked by a very angry goose.

Check out Stevie’s viral tweet bellow!

As soon as the tweet went live, the photos went viral with everyone picking up on the news. Some even were so eager to post that they failed to check that Stevie is not Summer’s mom. For those, the teen tweeted:

The post got a ton of attention, most of it positive, but not everyone was happy with Stevie’s post. To calm down those who accused her of standing by while her sister got attacked by the duck, she cleared the air via Twitter.




girl attacked by goose

girl attacked by goose

Twitter users have also found the photos extremely funny. Check out some reactions!



While people are arguing whether the photos are funny or not, one thing’s for sure. Summer will not be going near ducks any time soon.

Do you find the photos posted by Stevie of her little sister being attacked by a duck funny or offensive?