Man Questioned By Airline Security For Doing Math

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Source: Guido Menzio Facebook

Guido Menzio, an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania, revealed that he was verified by airline security after a fellow passenger complained after noticing him doing a math equation.

The whole ordeal took place prior to the take off of the American Airlines regional flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse in upstate New York on Thursday, May 5th, 2016.

According to reports, Menzio was trying to solve a mathematical problem when another passenger, a woman, noticed his writing and went on believing that his behavior and script were very suspicious.

The female passenger remained unnamed.

American Airlines spokesperson Casey Norton told Buzzfeed that the woman reported feeling unwell before the take-off and once she was disembarked, she expressed her concerns via Menzio’s “foreign script”.

Luckily, it was all sorted out quickly, Norton added: “At some point during this process [Menzio] got up and expressed concern to the pilot for her well being and wanted to know if she was OK. At that point there was a conversation and [staff] talked to him and the captain quickly determined there was no validity to her concerns.”

He also made it clear that no one was interrogated or detained, and that all that happened was a conversation.

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Source: Facebook

The Ivy League economist told The Washington Post that he laughed after he found out the woman had reported him because she simply wasn’t able to recognize a differential equation. He also added that the pilot seemed embarrassed after he was shown the mathematical calculations.

The flight finally took off after everything was sorted out, but it did after a two hours delay.

The woman never returned to the flight.

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