Little Girl’s Scalp Gets Torn During Carnival Ride

Warning! The following post will contain graphic images and information that might be disturbing to some readers!

carnival ride horror

Source: Facebook

11-year-old Elizabeth Girlreath is now in hospital with severe injuries after she was caught in what can only be called a carnival ride horror. Elizabeth’s hair was caught in a ride and she suffered between 5 and ten minutes of agony during which her scalp got torn.

The little girl, who also goes by the nickname Lulu, was on the spinning ride at Omaha’s Cinco de Mayo festival when the horrific accident took place, WOWT 6 reports.

According to Lulu’s dad, it took between five to ten minutes before the onlookers noticed what was going on and took action.

“She was tortured”, Timothy Gilreath told reporters.

To make matters worse, according to surveillance videos, the operator of the ride, called King’s Crown, can be seen running away from the carnival ride horror instead of intervening and putting it to a stop.

It took good Samaritan named Jolene Cisneros to physically stop the ride. When that finally happened, the little girl was bleeding profusely.

She was taken to the hospital where she had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Virginia Cooksey, Elizabeth’s mother, took to Facebook to ask people to “pray for my little girl for a fast recovery.”

She also added: “I am looking for the EMT that saved my daughter life. She was the 11 year old at cinco de mayo that was hurt. I wish to thank them personaly for saving elizabeth life if it would not have been for them my daughter would not be here today.”

Please pray for my baby girl. Lord please beside her and give her a full recovery. Lulu is such a amazing and out going little girl she has to make it threw this she want to be a senator when she grows up. She loves to read and learn. She loves her family dearly. Please family and friends keep lulu is your thoughts and prays on this mothers day. No mother should have to go threw what im going threw. I want the man who is responsible for being so stupid and neglecting my daughter to be punish for this crime and i want to know everyone who was involved in saving my daughters life to know how thankful her family and i are. We have a long road ahead of us,” she added along with a set of photos of Lulu recovering in the hospital.

carnival ride horror

Source: Virginia Cooksey Facebook

Due to the graphic nature of the photos, if you want to see more head over to Virginia Cooksey’s Facebook.

Shockingly enough, the place is still up and running even after the carnival ride horror.

The Omaha Police Department stated that an investigation is underway.

King’s Crown was last inspected in March.