Watch 2-Year-Old Boy With Autism Fall In Love With Snow White

boy with autism, snow white

Source: Disney Adventures & Autism Facebook

Prepare to have your heart melted by the video of a sweet 2-year-old boy with autism falling in love with Snow White.

When the family of 2-year-old Jackson Coley went to visit Walt Disney World little did they know it was going to be one of the sweetest moments of their life and an amazing breakthrough for the little guy.

Mom, Amanda Coley, Jackson, 2, and his brothers, Ethan, 13, and Landon, 9, and their dad went to Disney World for a fun family day. That’s when a wonderful thing happened.

boy with autism, disney world

Source: Amanda Coley Facebook

According to mom Amanda, who is very active on Facebook, 9 year-old Landon also has a high-functioning form of autism. She revealed that Disney World is the boys’ happy place: “Disney World is our happy place! Everyone that knows us will tell you that in a heartbeat. Having two boys with autism does not make every trip the easiest in the world. They each have their challenges but Disney goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy and are made to feel just like every other kid.”

She also revealed that while Landon does well when interacting with other people, 2 years-old Jackson is not social or interested in other people, even when it comes to close relatives.

boy with autism meets snow white

Source: Facebook

So imagine the big surprise when Jackson, dressed as Pinocchio, met Snow White and seemed perfectly happy and at ease with her.

Watch the heartwarming video of Jackson, the 2 year-old boy with autism, meeting Snow White! This is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day!



The video went viral moments after being released online. The positive reactions and love from viewers have taken mom Amanda by surprise. “I am still in shock that Jack Jack’s Snow White video has the amount of views that it does but I am so incredibly honored to have so many people watching and sharing it. All of the kind words people have said about him have absolutely brought me to tears on several occasions. It makes me so happy to know this has brought a smile to others. heart emoticon This truly was an extremely special moment for him as we don’t ever get to see him react to others (aside from his dad, brothers and myself) in that way. I will leave you for tonight with another sweet picture of Jack Jack and “his” Snow White“, she wrote on Facebook.

boy with autism, disney

Source: Facebook

Following the success of the video featuring Jackson’s sweet encounter with Snow White, his mom also shared a video of his reaction while watching the viral video.

He loves watching this so much that the minute it is over he uses his sign language to tell us “more”. it is also so funny to watch him during the video as he has started trying to turn his head in ways to match either his or hers in the video. Too cute not to share,” she wrote.