Serena Williams Ate Dog Food & It Made Her Sick

Serena Williams, Dog Food

Source: Serena Williams Instagram

Serena Williams learned the hard way why you shouldn’t eat dog food. Even if it’s gourmet and it looks good and it comes with an expensive-looking spoon.

Serena took to Snapchat to tell the story of how she tried a spoonful of her dog’s room-service food and it gave her a poop attack.

I thought, ‘What the heck, I’m gonna try a piece, it looks good“, the tennis pro can be seen saying. She even filmed the gourmet food, which was salmon and rice, and indeed it looked very appealing. Very much like human food.

She then added: “Fast forward two hours, I just ran to the toilet like I was gonna pass out.”

Williams did admit that the taste was “weird” and that she forced herself to swallow it. “It tasted kind of like house cleaner. I don’t know what they put in these dog foods, but Chip liked it. I don’t think it’s consumable for humans – they should have wrote that! So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful but I don’t feel so good.”

Looking on the bright side, the athlete was able to crack a joke about the whole ordeal saying: “I guess tomorrow when I step on the court I’m going to look svelte.”

Along with her conclusion that dog food “is not consumable for humans“, Serena also added that “they should have wrote that” on the menu.

Watch Serena Williams telling the whole story!


Sorry, Serena, but this is funny.

Don’t worry, Williams recovered just in time for her match with Christina McHale. More so, she beat her in the Rome Masters quarter finals.

All is well when it ends well.

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Source: Serena Williams Instagram