Handsome Disney Cosplayer Looks Identical To Prince Eric

Meet Leo Camacho, the handsome Disney cosplayer whose photos have gone viral after he did a cosplay of Little Mermaid‘s Prince Eric.

disney cosplayer, prince eric, leo camacho

Why did he go viral? Take a look at the following photos of Leo dressed as Prince Eric, courtesy of his Facebook and Instagram.

disney cosplayer, prince eric, ariel, little mermaid

Yes, he looks exactly like a real-life Prince Eric!

Need more proof of the uncanny resemblance? Here you go!

disney cosplayer, leo camacho, prince eric

One more.

disney cosplayer, prince eric

“I shall call him Mini-Lee”, Leo captioned the photo of him and the Prince Eric doll.

As soon as Leo posted photos of himself dressed as Prince Eric, people noticed the resemblance. Some even sent him photo comparisons.

disney cosplayer

To the fan who made and sent this to Leo: You are not the only one. We see it too. He’s the real life Prince Eric.

disney cosplayer

Prince Eric isn’t the only character Leo’s cosplayed. Turns out “genetic cosplay” is his thing and he looks like a lot of Disney (and not only) heroes. Check out some of his other costumes!

He’s done Wolverine.

disney cosplayer, wolverine


disney cosplayer, Aladdin

Uncharted’s Nathan Drake.

disney cosplayer, uncharted, nathan drake


disney cosplayer, hook


disney cosplayer, link

Also Poe.

disney cosplayer, poe

And many more.

disney cosplayer

Disney and non-Disney characters, Leo’s got this cosplay game on point. But it’s safe to say, his Prince Eric is by far the best. The guy looks exactly like him!

Which one of Leo Camacho’s cosplay characters do you like best?