How To Open a Can Without a Can Opener

Ever wondered how to open a can without a can opener? OR even worse: you’re at home, getting ready to open that can of yummy food when you realize you can’t find that darn can opener. Maybe you don’t even own one. Everything’s possible. No worries, helps is here.

how to open a can without a can opener

Source: Youtube

Two guys have discovered the way to open any can without using a can opener and they have shared the discovery with the world via YouTube. These geniuses will show you how to open any can, regular or giant, without a can opener.

According to their demonstration, you will need no tools at all for opening the can, just concrete.

Place the top part of the can on the concrete, put your palm over the bottom of the can and start scraping hard. The edges of the can will start coming out because of the scrapping so opening the can will be super easy. After you’ve finishes scraping the can to the concrete, reverse it with the top part facing you and squeeze it.

The lid will simply pop and you will have an open can, all done without a can opener!

Watch the video below to learn how to open a can without a can opener! Any type of can!


Have you ever tried this trick?

Do you know any other ways to open a can without a can opener?