McDonald’s Announces Fresh, Non-Frozen Beef Burgers

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Source: McDonald’s Twitter

Good news for burger lovers! McDonald’s have announced that they will be testing out burgers with real, non-frozen beef.

According to their website, the chain usually serves burgers that “are freshly ground then flash frozen“.

The non-frozen beef burgers will be tested in 14 locations in Dallas. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese is one of the burgers being tested with real, fresh beef, along with Homestyle Burger, Bacon Clubhouse Burger and the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Nation’s Restaurant News reported.

According to McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb: “Like all of our tests, this one too is designed to see what works and what doesn’t within our restaurants by considering the operational experience, customer response, price points and other important information, which may inform future decisions. It’s very premature to draw any conclusions from this test.

Here’s how the Internet received the news. Some were happy, some made fun of it and other were simply concerned.

What do you think of the announcement? Excited to try the fresh beef burgers?