Creepy Urban Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

Creepy urban stories are the perfect past-time whether you are enjoying a camping trip with friends or a fun night at home and you and your guests have run out of games and stuff to talk about. They will definitely scare everyone and you’ll probably have trouble sleeping or going out at night, but still, they are fun to share!

Check out this list of creepy urban stories, but beware, some of these are super scary!

1. Teke-Teke. According to this urban legend, a Japanese woman was sliced in half after falling onto railroad tracks, and now her upper body moves around quickly, using only her hands, and if she catches you, she will slice you in half!


2. The Dead Children’s Playground

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According to this urban legend, Maple Hill Cemetery, in Huntsville Alabama, has a secret playground where a serial children murderer dumped the bodies of his victims in the ’40s. Some people swear that they have witnessed paranormal activity in the park, such as floating orbs, kids laughter, swings moving on their own, and the sound of little feet running.

3. Slit Mouth Woman

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Legend has it that, in Japan, a woman was mutilated by her husband, who cut her mouth from ear to ear. She is believed to have returned as a spirit and roaming the streets at night asking people “Am I pretty?” If the answer given is “No”, she will slit that person’s neck.

4. Charlie-No-Face

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Source: Wikipedia

Urban legend has it that a man with indistinguishable facial features roams the street at night, looking for victims. The sad reality is that Charlie was a real person, who was disfigured and did, in fact, enjoy to take nightly walks, but just because out of embarrassment to show his face in daylight.

5. Devil’s Tramping Ground

creepy urban stories

Source: Wikipedia

According to this legend, there’s a clearing in the woods of Chatham County, North Carolina, that’s the perfect shape of a circle. The story says that this is the place where the devil comes every night and tramps around, making plans for the next day.

6. The Manananggal 


According to the legend, these are pale, dark-haired women, who live alone and never go out during the day. At night, however, they grow terrifying wings, grow long and sharp talons, and detach from their lower bodies, as they go out in search of prey. What do they to to their prey? They torture it slowly by ripping them apart!

7. La Llorona (Night Vision)


According to this story that has haunted children for years, a woman named Maria drowned her children to get revenge on her cheating husband, and then she drowned herself. Story has it that if her ghost sees a child wondering in the dark, she’ll grab it and drown it!

8. The Midnight Game

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No creepy urban stories list would be complete without a creepy game. The Midnight Game is a ritual that must be started exactly at 12:00 AM and requires a drop of your blood, among other materials. If you follow the game instructions, you will supposedly end up inviting a spirit in your home, be left with permanent mental scarring, and can even die.

9. The Jersey Devil

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Source: Dave Black/People

This creature was born as a normal human, mother of 12 children, who has turned into a demonic creature, with wings and hooves. Legend says it moves at a rapid pace and lets out very scary screams.

10. El Cadejo


The legend has it that a wolf with glowing red eyes and goat hooves appears to travelers with the intention of leading them to their deaths. Speaking to it will induce insanity, the legend says.

Are you scared yet?

Do you know more creepy urban stories?