YouTuber Reacts To Beyonce Playing Her Video on Formation Tour

Evelyn From The Internets

Source: @EVEEEEEZY Twitter

How would you react if Beyonce played your video on her Formation World Tour? Probably exactly how YouTuber Evelyn From The Internets reacted. Which means in a totally epic and hilarious way.

Like the rest of the world, Evelyn took to web to praise Beyonce’s “Lemonade” after its premiere.

Unlike the rest of the world, Evelyn’s video was viewed by Queen Bey and she liked it so much that she played the video during the Formation World Tour concert in Texas, which is where Evelyn lives.


Obviously, Evelyn’s reaction was one of pure joy and super hilarious, but before you see that, here’s the video that got Beyonce’s attention.


And now, check out Evelyn From The Internets’ reaction to the news that her “Lemonade” video review made it on the Formation World Tour!

There were tears.

There was screaming.

There was running.

More crying.

Hilarity ensued.

She was ecstatic.

Who needs Linkedin when Beyonce knows your name?

Her family was shocked and at a loss for words.

Watch the amazing reaction video below!


Obviously, that’s the normal thing to do when you learn that Beyonce has watched your video, liked it AND featured on huge screens during her epic world tour. Start running out of the house and scream into the night.

Congratulations, Evelyn! Keep on making amazing videos!