Woman Takes Highlighter Contour To A New Level

highlighter contour

Source: Mariya YouTube

Self-taught makeup artist Mariya has taken highlighter contour to a whole new level.

Usually, highlighter is used to give a glowing touch to some areas, such as cheekbones, for example.

Well, Mariya did an entire makeup look using only highlighter.

Yes, you got that right. No foundation, no concealer, nothing else but highlighter.

highlighter contour

At the start of the video, she stated that the highlighter contour look was done “for fun” and that “it is definitely not a wearable makeup look (unless of course you want to then go ahead and slay girl SLAYYY)“.

Then she proceeds on putting that highlighter on so get ready to witness the GLOW cause it’s all highlighter, everything.

highlighter contour

To complete the look, she then puts on mascara and lipstick and adds a final touch of highlighter here and there.

Watch the video below!

The video has gathered thousands of views and has gone viral.

There’s even a meme going around.


Would you go for a highlighter contour only look?