Longer Eyelashes Without Eyelash Extensions? Finally!

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Every Woman Wants Thicker and Longer Eyelashes… Period! We Are Here To Give You The Best Natural Painless Solution In The World For Growing Beautiful Eyelashes.


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Serum Vs Curlers Vs Fake Lashes

Studies have shown that men notice the eyes of a woman before anything else 90% of the time. Ladies, that means we need to make sure they are in tip top shape more so than anything else. We all know that first impressions are make or break, so it is important to make the best impression with the first thing that men notice. Yes, clothes matter. Yes, make up matters too. Something often overlooked, however, are the eyelashes. But the question remains:  Curlers, fake lashes, or serum?



Ciera Hyatt – shocked to discover that her eyelashes had been ripped off by her curlers

The idea of using curlers is great: non-consumable and reusable, as well as simple. The problem? They rarely work effectively. For young users, they don’t provide the volume that fake lashes and serum can provide. As we age, our lashes become brittle and quit responding to the use of a curler at all. If anything, they break off and effectively reduce the appearance of the lashes. That’s the opposite of what we are looking for! Due to that, we cannot suggest throwing out any more money on curlers.

Fake Lashes

Since men love large, bold eyelashes, we love them too! Not only does it attract the attention of men, but our appearance directly affects self-esteem. So even if not in it for the male attention, we all still want to feel good about ourselves.

Fake lash coming off on live TV

Fake lash coming off on live TV

A possible solution: the attachment of fake lashes. But wait, have you ever researched issues surrounding fake lashes? Curlers may break off lashes and become ineffective over time, but fake lashes, due to the strong chemical filled glue required, have been shown to be harmful to us. In addition, the glue has been shown to be the cause of major lash loss as the real lashes are ripped out when the fake lashes are removed.


Three major news networks, CBS, NBC, and FOX have all commented on the harmful nature of fake eyelashes:

  • According to CBS news, “The glue that is used to secure the false eyelashes to the natural eyelashes can contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Fake eyelashes may also contain metal contaminants and chemical preservatives. All these are extremely threatening to eye health.”
  • According to NBC news, “An Ophthalmologist said that a common complaint with women is that their eyelashes fall out after applying the fake ones. Applying fake lashes may cause permanent eyelash loss. If glue sticks to the skin or clumps lashes together, when they grow out, the hairs get yanked out. It becomes a vicious cycle. Many women don’t want to leave their eyes bare, so they go back for more.”
  • According to FOX News, “Studies show that eyelash extensions may lead to multiple allergic reactions. An allergist said he has seen dozens of female patients with conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, resulting from bacterial infections associated with a buildup of dirt and bacteria in these products.”


No doubt, curlers are both ineffective and useless for older ladies, and fake lashes are simply out of the question. So ladies, what are we to do? The clear answer is: Use Serum from natural herbs. High quality serums use a mix of natural herbs and oils that combine to produce both healthy and bold lashes. This is done through moisturizing and rejuvenating the lash hair. Unlike the harsh chemicals found using fake lash extensions, there are no known downsides of using serum.

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The most important aspect of using serum is picking a high quality and reliable brand. Imitation brands may portray containing quality, all natural ingredients, but instead lie and use substandard substitutes in the interest of their pocket books.

Lash Rejuv

After we discovered the harmful nature of curlers and extensions, as well as found serums to be the best choice for lash health and enhancement, we went looking for the top brand to use. Based on both the ingredients and user experience, we have found Lash Serum Plus, also known as Lash Rejuv, to heed the call.

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Amazing Transformation After Using Lash Serum for 26 Days

The incredible list of all natural herbs and oils contained within combine to create the ultimate serum. Lash Serum+ is described by the producer as follows:

Lash Rejuv is an innovative, nature packed serum, made from a combination of natural herbs and oils to give your eyelashes a new rejuvenated look. Soften lashes in the evening with our Lash Serum+ and wake up in the morning to feel the effects. The good news? The change is not temporary! Lash Serum+ moisturises the eye follicles, helping promote longer and stronger lashes”.


  • Sunflower Seed Oil

            High in Vitamin E, a natural preservative, antioxidant, and moisturiser.

  • Sativa Seed Oil

Protects against dehydration.

  • Bran Oil

            Used as a conditioner.

  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil

            Rejuvenates and conditions.

  • Althea Officinalis Root

            Anti-irritant, antioxidant, nourishes lashes.

  • Equisetum Giganteum Extract

A remedy protecting against hair loss

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4 Weeks Eyelash Regrow Program With Lash Rejuv

What Customers Say

  • Mel from New York, NY

eyelash renew“My lashes were looking so dry and thin. Thanks to LashRejuv that is no longer the case. I feel good knowing I am nourishing my lashes!”

  • Steph from London, UK

“This stuff is Amazing. I no longer curl my lashes. Just be patient and you should feel the same way I feel. Thank you LashRejuv!”

  • Collette from Beverly Hills, CA

“I used to have thick hair. My long days at work and poor diet did a number on my skin and hair. This serum was a huge blessing for me! I almost want to put this serum in my hair it is that good! Hint Hint come out with a hair serum please!!!!”

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After considering the use of curlers, extensions, and serum, we discovered that Serum is the best choice, and Lash Serum+ is the best choice of serums. Curlers are ineffective, lash extensions are flat out dangerous, but serums, particularly Lash Rejuv, offer both the effects we are looking along with a lack of downsides.

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