YouTuber Reveals Fat Shaming Experience at Balmain

fat shaming, balmain

Source: YouTube/ Sophie Shohet

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Sophie Shohet experienced the nightmare of every shopper when she went to a Balmain store in London to try on some of the brand’s famous classic blazers: fat shaming.

Sophie took to YouTube to reveal what happened to her on a Monday, in March 2016, when she decided to go shopping at Balmain. It was also her first time going to the luxury store.

I HAD to tell the story, it was the most surreal thing – the S.As rudeness, incredible! I didn’t buy the blazer in the end, as it all got so awkward“, Sophie captioned the video.

From the moment she set foot in the store to the moment she left, the beauty blogger had an awful experience.

Watch her video to see how rude and awkward the Balmain staff treated her!


How incredibly rude!

Have you ever had a fat shaming experience in a store?