Story of Amit: Blind Man Sees Family After 15 Years!

story of amit

Source: Google India/Youtube, Story of Amit

A new video by Google India will make your heart melt. The video, entitled Story of Amit, follows the story of Amit Tiwari, a resident of Jhansi, who has lost his eyesight since 9th grade. The emotional video shows Amit seeing his family after a whole 15 years.

Described as a man with a zest for life, Amit hasn’t been able to witness many important moments in his family’s life after losing his eyesight.

With the help of the Niramaya Trust and the Tej Kohli Foundation, Amit underwent a corneal transplant and, after 15 years, he was able to see his loved ones again and rediscover all those moments he had been a part of, but never able to see.

During the emotional video, viewers witness Amit relive fond memories and make new ones. He got to see his older sister on her wedding day for the first time, and asked to see photos of his late father.

Three years ago, his father, with whom he had a special bond, passed away. Upon seeing photos of him, Amit broke down and started crying.

Watch the emotional video below! Make sure you have a box of tissues at hand.