Beauty Bloggers Reveal They Get A Face Shave Before Makeup

face shave, chloe morello

Source: YouTube/Chloe Morello

Getting a face shave is no longer reserved for men only or for when you have a hairy face.

Two of the most popular beauty bloggers of the moment have revealed that, in order to achieve that dewy, flawless look after applying foundation, they always shave their faces before doing their makeup.

Both Chloe Morello and Carli Bybel swear by this technique and assure fans that a face shave will have nothing but positive effects on the face skin. Plus, your makeup you be applied perfectly.

Chloe Morello reveals in new video that ‘peach fuzz‘ runs in her family and that ‘sometimes I find that the foundation I have doesn’t come out with the finish I want… it doesn’t look perfectly fine and even if I’ve got a lot of hair on my face.’

So what does she do about the fuzz? “Sometimes I use a regular razor (not the same one as I shave my legs with) and sometimes I use this smaller one so I can get the fine areas around my mouth and around here,” she revealed.

Check out Chloe’s face shaving technique!


Fellow beauty blogger Carli Bybel is also a fan of the face shave technique.

Carli posted a video to show fans how she shaves her face and she also explained the benefits she gets from it.

Watch below!


Would you shave your face before applying makeup?