Leafcutter Ants Bites Are Brutal – Watch Bloody Video!

Leafcutter ants may not look scary, but they sure can inflict serious damage if they can have their way.

leafcutter ants

Source: YouTube/Brave Wilderness

Coyote Patterson and his Brave Wilderness crew go to prove just how bloody and painful leafcutter ants bites can be. This is no exaggeration. Lots of blood is involved.

The leafcutter ant lives in South and Central America and it is known to be extremely strong. If their size to body weight ration is taken into account, these ants are among the strongest animals on the planet. In fact, their bite is so powerful, it can pierce through human skin!

This is the exact ability that Coyote and his crew were curious about. So, in order to have proof of just how powerful a leafcutter ant’s bite can be, the adventurer offered his finger up for grabs. What followed was a brutal and blood-filled ant bite!

Watch the video bellow and be warned: the bite looks brutal!


Crazy bite, isn’t it!

Surely makes one want to stay as far away as possible from these ants.

Are you shocked by how brutal the bite of leafcutter ants can be?